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The Lucky Star of Hidden Things by Afric McGlinchey

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Monday, May 21, 2012

QuoteNO BANQUET FOR OLD MEN by McGlinchey, AfricQuote

Perhaps I have always 
lacked the lyrical; 
do they think of this,
the women I have known?
Even when I burn, 
I don’t sing.

Now, I take to the dark –
an old man clambering 
over a young woman’s body 
is ludicrous and ugly,  less 
a Byronic opera than the flat,
tinny slap of banjo strings.

Nevertheless, heedless 
of bowed shoulders 
and skinny shanks,
potential ridicule, 
I rush to prolong 
the banquet of the flesh.

The dog tied in the yard 
can smell my thoughts
as I watch the young girls pass.
What are we but beasts of prey,
when all that doesn’t age 
is the venom of desire.

Copyright © Afric McGlinchey 2012

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