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Thanks For Nothing, Hippies by Sarah Clancy

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

QuoteThe Most Bombed Place On Earth by Clancy, SarahQuote

      For Martin Sharry

In Luang Prabang the lonely-planets float
in inner tubes down the same Mekong
the Pol Pot swimmers and Viet Cong did
before arriving in the birthplace of Bob Dylan
and in the twin cities Martin sang The Fields
to Laotian Karaoke and we ate sticky rice
at the Asian buffet with those we were displacing,
who loaded platefuls as if in fear of famine and
prison labour sandbagged the bursting Mississippi
while we drove their jobs to Boston Airport.
In Vientiane American tourists laughed
over French coffee at the concrete factory picture
on the currency and locals steered them clear
of the land the amputee we met in Louisburg
hadn't got around to de-mining.

Copyright © Sarah Clancy 2012

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