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Uttering Her Name by Gabriel Rosenstock

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

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Uttering Her Name consists of spontaneous, ecstatic utterances in what the author calls a neo-bhakti style, that is to say a modern slant on those poems of intense devotion which are still read and sung in India today.

Dar Óma
I became a goatherd for You
searching for our lost goats
where can they be?
sometimes I think I see them
they turn out to be lichen-flecked rocks
men have been singing
such desperate songs for centuries

my herding is an old art
partly forgotten

I can no longer do it alone

You must come

let’s pool our skills
listen and watch
I say,
what You hear is a curlew>

 later You exclaim

You run ahead
the sun, low on the horizon,
strains to caress Your ankles
one last time –
am I chasing goats?

we rejoice
when we find the herd
we milk the white nanny together
in bonfire light
swapping teats playfully
milk in the bucket
splashes of whitish laughter

Copyright © Gabriel Rosenstock, 2009

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