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Conflicted Light by J.P. Dancing Bear

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

QuoteElysian Fields by Dancing Bear, J.P.Quote

In the salmon and tin light of dawn I’m still
in last night’s dream, arms stiff in my red wing
blackbird shirt.  Green sheets — was I possessed
to have bought them?   They hill and glen over
the landscape of my bed wanting flowers, cypress,
aspen, linden, and pine; wanting what is left
of the winter to trickle and stream.  And why
have I risen like Orpheus — And looked back
upon these fields of peace?  I dress like a cadaver:
a suit and black tie to match the half-circles
of my eyes.  Sleep vagues my mind.  I walk past
the gates of the other undead, past the asphodel red
with the want of bees, past the pleas of hundreds
of Euridyces asking, Why, why would you ever leave?

Copyright © J.P. Dancing Bear 2008

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