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Leaf, Sunlight, Asphalt by Ben Howard

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

QuoteIrondequoit, Oswego, Canisteo by Howard, BenQuote

Piling as they will in mid-October
on unmown grass and still-intact impatiens,

those leaves could be the emblems of the names
that land on hills or settle into valleys

and later take their places on the maps
or in the histories of towns and cities,

as though they were indigenous as oak
or solid as the boulders on a mountain.

Irondequoit. Oswego. Canisteo.
Even to say them is to feel their weight,

though it’s composed of little more than air
and though its content, felt or accidental,

may be at best a homely imitation
of things that are themselves no more substantial

than speeches that endured beyond the moment
and once-green forms that crumble underfoot.
Copyright © Ben Howard, 2009

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