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Big Pink Umbrella by Susan Millar DuMars

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

QuoteThe Goddess and the Chickpea by DuMars, Susan MillarQuote

for my brother

I came home from college all
cappuccino this, cappuccino that.
Queried why ShopRight
didn’t carry goat’s cheese.
Scandalized Dad
by going braless at the
International House Of Pancakes.
I had big ideas.
Something about feminism
and tofu. The zeal
to tutor heathen natives
on the Goddess and the chickpea.

At my same age, Dad was in Toledo
sleeping in his car.
Mom a clerk
who lunched at Woolworth’s counter
on tomato soup made
from ketchup and hot water.
You and I, as straight-faced kids
ate Spam on tombstones
of Wonder Bread
with government issue cheese.

Then I looked up.
Got my first
glimpse of sky…

I have since forgotten the Goddess
though remain partial
to the chickpea.

You still don’t trust cappuccinos –
think they are mostly

Copyright © Susan Millar DuMars 2008

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