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The Bird in the Glasshouse

Knute Skinner

ISBN: 978-1-915022-03-5

Page Count: 74

Publication Date: Saturday, October 01, 2022

Cover Artwork: “The Bird in the Glasshouse”, linocut print by Michael O’Connor, Co. Clare

About this Book

“Skinner has poems that for sheer beauty take your head off.”    John Gardner on A Close Sky over Killaspuglonane

“If you want to know how real poetry reads, buy this book, read it, and keep it.”    Leonard Blackstone on Selected Poems

“Skinner does the lot: the sacred, the profane, the formal and the loose, and does them all wonderfully well.”    John W. Sexton Poetry Ireland News

“As fine and engaging a testament to the complicated nature of simple pleasures as any in contemporary poetry.”    Wayne Burroughs Staples

“Skinner’s mischievous eye never takes the ordinary for granted.”    Jennifer Matthews Southword

“In a time when many poets cannot resist the grand gesture, Skinner’s art is the achievement of presence in the places we go to: in field, kitchen, bar, dictionary, anecdote, joke, love bower.”    James Liddy on Learning to Spell "Zucchini"

“This is a stunning collection, full of mystery, cross-purposes, weird and tragic characters, and should be read from start to finish.”    Aidan Murphy on The Bears & Other Poems

“Skinner works a seemingly homespun Gothicity which is yet quietly artful in the way it jolts the reader out of the even tenor of pleasant expectations.”    Tom Hubbard Poetry Ireland Review

“There are very few books of poetry that you would run back into a burning building to retrieve. Make no mistake, An Upside Down World is one of them.”    Frank Golden on An Upside Down World

Author Biography

KNUTE SKINNER, born in St. Louis, Missouri, has had a home in County Clare since 1963.  He is the author of eight chapbooks and thirteen books of poetry.  Salmon has published ten of his poetry books as well as a memoir.  The latest of his previous books from Salmon is An Upside Down World (2019). He recently celebrated his 93rd birthday.

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