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February 2009

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Big Men Speaking to Little Men
April 2006

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Early / Late: New & Selected Poems
January 2011

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Interrogating Water & other poems
February 2014

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Squaring the Circle
February 2017

Among the Gliesians

Philip Fried

ISBN:  978-1-912561-83-4

Page Count: 84

Publication Date: Thursday, March 05, 2020

Cover Artwork: Photograph by Lynn Saville

About this Book

In Among the Gliesians, Philip Fried continues experimenting with different registers of language, technical jargon, and a variety of literary and non-literary forms, ranging from sonnet, ballad, acrostic, and villanelle to press release and report. His witty and compassionate work takes on a new urgency, however, as he focuses on our alarming present situation. Dealing with such topical themes as mass shootings, nuclear gamesmanship, and threats to democracy, Friedís poems reveal a struggle for meaningful expression when meaning itself is under attack. In the section giving its title to the book, reports on an extraterrestrial society hold up a mirror to our own culture.

Praise for Philip Friedís Work

I love Philip Friedís elegant quarrels with the cruelty and ignorance of the world or, more precisely, its inhabitants.
Thomas Lux

This week, a return trip to the work of the trenchantly political American poet Philip Fried, whose latest collection, Squaring the Circle, was published earlier this year.... Friedís forthright insistence on the ethical responsibility of poetry links him with Audenís moral tradition. Neither political in the subtle avant garde manner, nor a ďspoken wordĒ ranter, Fried is a wordsmith with a public shit detector and a lively ear for the new vernacular. He understands precisely how language has learned to lie.
Carol Rumens The Guardian

In Squaring the Circle, Friedís overarching argument is convincing: data isnít intelligence, technology isnít knowledge, authority isnít justice, and policy without humanity could mean the end of everything.
Michele Battiste  American Book Review

Author Biography

Philip Fried has published seven previous collections of poetry, including Squaring the Circle (Salmon, 2017), Interrogating Water (Salmon, 2014), and Early/Late: New and Selected Poems (Salmon, 2011). In addition to writing poetry, he edits The Manhattan Review, an international poetry journal he founded in 1980. Fried lives in New York with his wife, the fine-art photographer Lynn Saville.

Author Photo: Rick Larios

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