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Arno Kramer

ISBN: 978-1-908836-86-1

Page Count: 66

Publication Date: Friday, September 01, 2017

Cover Artwork: Arno Kramer (design by Siobhán Hutson)

About this Book

“This imagination creates a mystery you can’t paraphrase.  Poems put things, or create things, in a place where they, and we, have never quite been before. A concise, mysterious language alters things. The result is a wonderful fidelity to the way things may be imagined, which also suggests it might just also be the way things are, once altered, re-imagined and imaginatively transformed.”

John Brown
Poet/writer, Northern Ireland

Author Biography

Arno Kramer is an established artist based in The Netherlands. He often gives masterclasses and exhibits his work in Ireland. His practice is rooted in drawing and drawing installations. His work is much inspired by Irish poetry. Since 1995 he has shown  in most of Ireland's important visual arts centres. He is founder and curator of Drawing Centre Diepenheim in The Netherlands. Kramer has published seven poetry volumes, a novel and a book for children. He writes about art and publishes in magazines and catalogues. Morningrustle is his first poetry volume in English translation. Many of his poems have to do with his journeys and stays as artist-in-residence in different counties in Ireland.  

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