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Falling Body
February 2009

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The Somnambulist and The Good Life
March 2020


David Cavanagh

ISBN: 978-1-910669-08-2

Page Count: 66

Publication Date: Friday, March 13, 2015

Cover Artwork: Kevin R Eberle – Crossing the Des Moines

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About this Book

“Anything to declare?”
asks the border guard.
Oh my.  Where to begin?

The poems in Straddle, David Cavanagh’s fourth collection, explore the perils and possibilities in living on borders, both physical and psychic. They probe the inner/outer balance we all struggle to maintain.  They straddle the challenges of daily life, try to reconcile contradictions, and find a measure of grace.  Whether dealing with love, the environment, loss of loved ones, gun violence, relations between nations, or email from the Beyond, the poems brim with fresh language and clear vision. 

“David Cavanagh’s poems straddle birth and death, joy and sadness, health and sickness, youth and age, male and female, seriousness and humour with deft handling astride his own Pegasus.”                        

Greg Delanty
author of The Blind Stitch and The Ship of Birth

Author Biography

Earlier books by David Cavanagh include Falling Body and The Middleman, both from Salmon Poetry, and Cycling in Plato’s Cave, from Fomite Press. His poems have appeared in leading journals and anthologies in the U.S., Canada, Ireland, and the U.K.  Born in Montreal, he is a dual citizen who lives in Burlington, Vermont, not far from the U.S./Canadian line.

Praise for Falling Body

“The poems are quietly eloquent and precise, working separately to lift up the banal episodes of living, but as they proceed we see the connections being made between the observer and the observed.” 
Lori Cayer in Poetry Quebec

Praise for The Middleman

“These poems suggest…the line that all ‘middlemen’ walk between silence and ambient cultural noise, trying in their own faltering ways to express the truth. It’s a high-wire act at which Cavanagh succeeds.”   
Margot Harrison in Seven Days

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