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House of Bees
April 2011

On Corkscrew Hill

Stephen Murray

ISBN: 978-1-908836-52-6

Page Count: 76

Publication Date: Friday, November 01, 2013

Cover Artwork: “Holde’s Hares” by Róisín Coyle –

About this Book

On Corkscrew Hill chronicles a journey through the contemporary landscape of a nation on its knees. As the dust settles on a country trying to pick itself up from the precipice of economic annihilation, this collection examines the emotional and human cost that the boom, the recession and austerity has wrought upon the people and the landscape. From the alcoholic blight to the decay of the nation's mental health, from the bankers to the builders to the politicians and the clergy and back again to whatever it is that you find waiting for you on your doorstep, On Corkscrew Hill, challenges what almost a century of independence has brought for Ireland and its people.  It follows Stephen Murray’s critically acclaimed debut collection, House of Bees (Salmon, 2011).

Praise for House of Bees

“This is stunning poetry ... a writer of extraordinary power.”
Poetry Ireland Review

“Dirty, damaged, devilish and demented.” 
Olaf Tyaransen, Hot Press

“Extraordinarily powerful.” 
The Irish Examiner

“A theatre filled with inner demons.”   
The Irish Times

“An absolute must read. The images and feelings conjured by Murray are quite incredible.” 
Dundee University 
Review of the Arts 

Author Biography

Stephen Murray was born in Ireland in 1974 and moved to London in 1975.  His formative years were spent living with his mother and sister in Erin Pizzey’s historic shelter for battered wives in West London.  As a teenager, whilst living in a children’s home, he was twice a runner-up in the W.H. Smith Young Writer of the Year Awards. In 2005 he was crowned Cúirt Grand Slam Champion. He has performed his work as guest reader at many of the world’s most famous poetry venues.  He currently lives and writes in County Galway where he works as director of Inspireland, teaching poetry and creative writing to young people across the country. This is his second collection, following 2011’s House of Bees.

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