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Lost Republics
November 2008

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Black State Cars
May 2004

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November 2013


Alan Jude Moore

ISBN: 978-1-907056-32-1

Page Count: 76

Publication Date: Friday, October 01, 2010

Cover Artwork: Brian Moore

About this Book

With this new work, Alan Jude Moore marks a return to Dublin after the Russian poems of Lost Republics.

This book, Moore’s third collection, is about Dublin but also by extension it is about Europe and the citizen, about how we are more united by its expanse, by our common interests, needs and histories than we are divided by its nations and borders. That the small Alsatian city of the title, Strasbourg, is one of our capitals reflects a wider cultural identity Ireland is part of, not tied to the narrow nationalism and theocracy that have constrained its development for close to a century.

It is about how, through the cities and centres of Europe, through the influx and movement of people, information and ideas, we are constantly changing and developing, through empires and republics, as citizens and collectives. As the territories we live in seek to renew themselves, it is by this common ground that we might discover where to go from here.

Author Biography

Alan Jude Moore is from Dublin. His two previous collections of poetry, Black State Cars (2004) & Lost Republics (2008), are also published by Salmon. 

He is widely published, in Ireland and abroad, and his fiction has been twice short-listed for the Hennessy Literary Award for New Irish Writing. Translations of his work have been published in Italy, Russia and Turkey. He lives in Dublin.

Read a sample from this book

Ship Street

the castle sits on top
of streams and remains
buried deep in the solid
tracts of all that time
passed since founding

since walls formed 
over forgotten gold and silver
running beneath us
in underground seams
another thing undiscovered

like the bore holes
and well shafts silted over
half driven into the world
our small communications
measured in torsion

our paw prints marked
on iron railings and steps
straightened up on exit
tunnels left to fold themselves
back into the earth

Northern Line

                 small swells pass the bulwark
white tipped sheets on the dark and glisten
sleepers quiet behind northern hills
and creatures swallowed in black estuaries

that slip between the land and sea;
rock wall crumbled and parked car lights
break the vacuum between platforms
still occupied with your lifeless work

pass over the mouths of rivers maybe
suicide bridges and young lovers cradled
vinyl seats in the corner of a field   no harbour left
they want each other to come and go

like boats in a line across these empty islands
beams of light severed in the darkness


Review: Strasbourg reviewed by BORBÁLA FARAGÓ for The Irish Times, July 2nd 2011

Although Alan Jude Moore gives the name of a European city as a title for his collection, Strasbourg onveys ideas of transit and the in-between. “We cannot locate outside of ourselves,” he says in Navigation , and indeed many of the poems express a sense of dislocation in cultural, historical and personal terms... The title poem, for example, imaginatively mentions how “we travel out of years / towards isolated shapes / suspended from the ceiling”, while The Mirror , one of the strongest poems in the collection, deftly describes how

the sweat from our brows drops into the ocean

becomes part of everything

until the shadows of our bodies pass each other

like pearls of steam on a mirror.

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