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March 2015

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The Somnambulist and The Good Life
March 2020

Falling Body

David Cavanagh

ISBN: 978-1-903392-98-0

Page Count: 78

Publication Date: Sunday, February 01, 2009

Cover Artwork: Gail Saltzman

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About this Book

The poems in Falling Body, David Cavanagh's second collection, cover ground with quirkiness, precision, and grace. hey move the way a life moves - in and out of personal and public territory, past and present perspectives, inner and outer worlds. They chart inevitable falls and celebrate, sometimes with wry humour, sometimes with muted joy, getting up again. The poems touch down lightly on large topics and move on, nervous of becoming trapped in easy certainties. They love the complexities while yearning for simplicity. In a world of distraction, they focus on paying attention:

If you sit still long
enough, everything you
haven't thought of
begins to move
across a screen
you didn't know
was there. Now's
the chance to slow-dance
with essentials.

Author Biography

David Cavanagh's first book, The Middleman (Salmon, 2003), was praised for "struggling with difficult truths" and for its mixture of "bold imagery, colloquial language and stinging humour" (Margot Harrison, Seven Days). Falling Body extends this exploration into new situations with language both layered and evocative. A native of Montreal with Irish ancestry and dual Canadian/ American citizenship, David Cavanagh lives a mingled existence in Burlington, Vermont, and is an associate dean at Johnson State College.

Read a sample from this book

Quantum Jump

for Sean Cavanagh

The wave that crashes
on the rocks
is made of particles that behave
so much like waves
the scientists
scratch their individual
heads until
they're one bobbing mass
and their
voices rise like spray.


Certain uncertain certainly
we are all
going to die one
day probably
is about all with precision
we can say.
No one has ever
not done it,
and I don't aim to be
the first.
Not that I lack
only that aiming
seem to help.


Still, smack the tennis
ball against
the wall often enough,
it could
one time go straight through.
So I say unto
you, phone the woman,
plant the rare
hibiscus. Most likely it
won't take,
except when it does.


Review: The Midwest Book Review, October 2009

Life never stops moving, and neither should poetry. Falling Body is poetry using the theme of the constant movement of life. The second  collection by David Cavanagh, Falling Body will charm many a reader. "Falling Body" is a deftly written poetry that many a fan will cherish.

Dear Lillian

With your dying such a trump
    you've played.
The rest of us shuffling
    over and over,
trying to change the luck.

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