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At the Kinnegad Home for the Bewildered

- Jeffrey Levine

Jeffrey Levine’s poems hover and oscillate between moments in and out of time, between states of being and nonbeing, between the body and the body within the body. “What is the imagination's job but to blur one life into the next?” Levine’s modus operandi ...

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The Fisher Queen: New & Selected Poems

- Kathryn Kirkpatrick

Drawing together poems from six award-winning collections, Kathryn Kirkpatrick introduces the best of her poetry with the voice of the Fisher Queen, the otherworldly spouse of the mythic Fisher King. Hers is a story ...

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How the Weather Was

- Jean Kavanagh

How the Weather Was, Jean Kavanagh’s second collection, describes how someone’s choices can lead to an interruption of the ordinary, moving in parallel with the seemingly steadfast lives of others.

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Library of the Mind: New & Selected Poems

- Patrick Hicks

“For readers new to the work of Patrick Hicks, Library of the Mind is a phenomenal primer on his singular voice and vision. They will discover a writer who is tender-hearted, clear-headed, ...

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From the Hotel Vernon

- Lea Graham

The poems in this book grow out and around the Hotel Vernon, built at the turn of the 20th century in Worcester, Massachusetts. Once an elegant place for local politicians to make their backdoor deals at the edge of the city, it slowly fell into decl...

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the weight of dandelions

- Peter J. Gloviczki

Peter Joseph Gloviczki’s the weight of dandelions explores each moment to discover its essence. Believing there is beauty (and humor) in the everyday world, he declares in one poem: “queen-size bed / the dog lets...

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Boats for Women

- Sandra Yannone

Silence. Disaster. Desire. Hope. These cardinal directions navigated by Sandra Yannone’s Boats for Women plot intersections and transgressions of the personal and historical like a cartographer drafting a nautical chart. Ut...

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- Robert Fanning

In his fourth full-length collection, Robert Fanning takes a dramatic leap into a liminal world. In poems both measured and free, both cadenced and incantatory, we follow two marionettes—Professor and Grief—who search for a ...

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