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How We Arrive In Winter

- Liz Quirke

‘…the brain stores memories like glass shards in a palm,’ so says the speaker in ‘The First Forgetting’ from Liz Quirke’s stunning and poignant, How We Arrive In Winter. Quirke’s second collection is as sharp, intense ...

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Light Rolling Slowly Backwards - New & Selected Poems

- Ethna McKiernan

“The poems here have an exact and hard-earned lyricism ... a difficult music which comes from experience rather than from any rhythmic holiday from it.”
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the light we cannot see

- Anne Casey

"Anne Casey’s The Light We Cannot See aches with loveliness even as it warns against humanity’s pervasive damage to the environment.  Poem after elegant, ecocritical poem showcases Casey’s grasp of the environmental crises we have created in the A...

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- Sofiul Azam

In Persecution, Sofiul Azam’s remarkable fourth collection, the poet employs intellectual gravity and emotional immediacy to address persecution as a major theme. Blurring the lines between the private and the public, Azam explores the tyranny of the unfeeling majority and the dictating minor...

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Dead Reckoning

- Jude Nutter

Dead reckoning—used by navigators to calculate their position using a record of speed, drift, and the direction travelled relative to a last known location—is the metaphor at the heart of Jude Nutter’s fourth collection, where poems are constantly plotting new pos...

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Open House

- C.J. Sage

Open House more resembles a geological event than a housewarming party, but we’re all invited. C.J. Sage has flung open the doors and windows to time and the elements, advancing and retreating as they please. Like the undulating waves, Sage’s attention moves ...

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Station Lights

- Alice Pettway

Available for pre-order now.  We will ship from 19th April 2021 onwards.

Most experiences lie in the long miles between life’s stations, but we look toward the next town’...

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- Maurice Harmon

At 90 years old, Maurice Harmon is making poems out of memory and out of the experience of growing old, recognising what is lost and the little that is gained. In this collection 
he gives us the present moment, then offers three, pas...

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