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Station Lights

- Alice Pettway

Available for pre-order now.  We will ship from 19th April 2021 onwards.

Most experiences lie in the long miles between life’s stations, but we look toward the next town’...

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- Maurice Harmon

At 90 years old, Maurice Harmon is making poems out of memory and out of the experience of growing old, recognising what is lost and the little that is gained. In this collection 
he gives us the present moment, then offers three, pas...

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Days of Clear Light - A Festschrift in Honour of Jessie Lendennie & in Celebration of Salmon Poetry at 40

- Jessie Lendennie

Edited by Alan Hayes & Nessa O'Mahony

With a foreword by President of Ireland Mi...

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Silver Spoon

- Jessamine O'Connor

With Illustrations by Helen Chantrell

After five chapbooks and ten years writing poetry, this first full collection has a wide wingspan and a sharp eye. Migrating from Dublin to Lough Gara, on t...

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Fox Trousers

- Eithne Hand

In these playful, considered poems, the emotional impacts of small moments are captured in a relaxed and natural way. Verbal gymnastics and powerful metaphors are laid down in spare, lively words.  This confident first collection from a writer who has worked primarily in the world of sou...

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Massacre of the Birds

- Mary O'Donnell

The range of poems in Massacre of the Birds moves from an encounter with water creatures in ‘Hanging House in a Canal’ to the appearance of a satyr in O’Donnell’s back garden in ‘Muse.’ Mythic nature abounds, but wake-up calls to social denia...

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Pathogens Love A Patsy - Pandemic and Other Poems

- Rita Ann Higgins

In Pathogens Love A Patsy, Rita Ann Higgins bears witness to a moment in Irish life unlike any seen in a century: the Covid-19 crisis. Many of these pandemic poems, broadcast on Brendan O’Connor’s RTÉ Radio 1 radio show, were composed weekly in d...

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Smitten Soul

- Gabriel Fitzmaurice

“A wonderfully coherent and satisfying collection – and a very moving one. I was thinking of Seamus Heaney and Emily Dickinson talking about telling the truth slant: this book tells it four-square. It is wonderful”. 

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