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at the last minute

- estha weiner

Sometimes, the deepest things are enclosed in smallest packages; Lobster Rolls, a leg cast, a quotation from a beloved, but departed poet; the trick of poetry and the challenge to the poet is to turn the ordinary and ma...

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Here Comes the Nightdust

- Marc Vincenz

In his newest poetry collection, Here Comes the Nightdust, multi-linguist poet, fiction writer, translator, editor and artist Marc Vincenz brings us far beyond the Pillars of Hercules. Part travelogue, part love ...

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The Poet of Poet Laval

- Carolyn L. Tipton

Carolyn Tipton’s third book, The Poet of Poet Laval, begins by celebrating openings, moments that give an abundant sense of possibility.  The poems sometimes return here, but also move through other themes—by way not o...

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The Memoir of Mona Lisa and Other Poems

- Su Smallen Love

“Absolutely beautiful language. Powerful, surprising images.” 
Sheila O’Connor, Evidence of V 

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Cycles and Lost Monkeys

- Jo Slade

In her latest collection of poems Jo Slade continues her investigation of displacement and difference and illustrates how these experiences can be transformed through poetry, a transformation that is not so much redemptive, as prophetic. These are inquisit...

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Wild, Again

- Bertha Rogers

The poems in Wild, Again look at humans and other living things who share our planet—the ones who choose to show, even flaunt themselves and the ones who bide—almost, but not quite seen—in shadow or disorder. Like t...

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All Seats Fifty Cents

- Stephen Roger Powers

All Seats Fifty Cents is a tribute to nostalgia that projects reverence for Universal Monsters, Battlestar Galactica, The Incredible Hulk, The Golden Girls, Pee-wee Herman, and, of course, Dolly Parton. In work t...

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- Alice Pettway

No matter how far life draws us from home, the tug of the familiar is always there, turning our eyes and our steps. In Moth—Alice Pettway’s second collection of poetry—the light of family and tradition is so bright ...

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