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Catch Me While You Have The Light

- Richard W. Halperin

Catch Me While You Have the Light, Mr. Halperin’s fourth collection for Salmon, emphasises what one poem calls ‘the so what of the different’ in the luminous startling language which has characterised his work from the beginning. Jesus, Miss Marple, He...

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Journey to the Sleeping Whale

- Jane Robinson

Jane Robinson is a poet of serious intent. More importantly she is a poet with enough range and depth of imagination and technique to give expression to that intent. Her poems are firmly grounded in the physical world. This is one reason why her sometimes dar...

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A Stone To Carry Home

- Andrea Potos

In this collection Andrea Potos exults in images of luminous earthly beauty – a blue scarf lake, Greek bread that tastes of heaven and salt, cobbled streets shining like jet in the rain – that also hint at the inevitability of loss. In these poems, Poto...

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Whisper of a Crow's Wing

- Majella Cullinane

"Majella Cullinane’s remarkable second collection, Whisper of a Crow’s Wing, is the work of a poet with a distinct and powerful voice. These poems weigh and examine oppositions – the distance of time and place, t...

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Places to Sleep

- Patrick Kehoe

Patrick Kehoe taught English classes in Barcelona for two years between 1978 and 1980. The poems gathered here re-assemble that vibrant metropolis as a parallel city of the imagination. There are visits to other Spanish cities, a memory of a brief walk ...

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Long Love: New & Selected Poems 1985 - 2017

- Judith Barrington

These poems, whether in traditional or looser forms, reveal Judith Barrington’s unerring ear for the music of language. Her subjects—being a lesbian, horses, the ocean, memory, love, grief, aging, disability, and facing one’s own mortality—are explored with fierce attention, originality, and ...

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Along the Flaggy Shore: Poems from West Clare

- Carlos Reyes

“In his new book, Along the Flaggy Shore, Carlos Reyes meditates on the presence of the past and the passing of the present in poems which roam the west of Ireland in a kind of modern-day bardic circuit. Every poem is ...

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Futures Pass

- John W. Sexton

In the poems of Futures Pass, born from a personal experiment into channelling a prosodic alter-ego, John W. Sexton ranges from the formal to the projective – out of this world, and out of his mind. From famous mice to an entropic rose, from a transubst...

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