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- Kevin Higgins

In these poems the personal and global darknesses are always lit by Kevin Higgins’s singular wit. There is lyricism, and acute vulnerability, here. But if you want reassuring, middle class epiphanies then you should immediately put this poetry collectio...

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The Talking Stick: O Pookering Kosh

- Raine Geoghegan

“One of the enduring joys of poetry is ‘encounter’. As readers, if we are open to it, we can encounter the imaginative world of the poet in all of its rich variety. The Talking Stick: O Pookering Kosh by Raine Geoghegan brings the reader into direct contact with Geoghegan’s Romani tradition. ...

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Love in the Original Language

- Fióna Bolger

Crossing borders of meaning, territory and flesh itself, Fióna Bolger’s new poems explore the limits and possibilities of language. Survival can depend on nuance, insider slang, an accurate translation, or knowing when to stay silent. Fired by a passion for j...

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The Bird in the Glasshouse

- Knute Skinner

“Skinner has poems that for sheer beauty take your head off.”    John Gardner on A Close Sky over Killaspugl...

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Beautiful Lofty Things

- Cahal Dallat

Neither object lessons nor exhibits in an esoteric cabinet of curiosities, Cahal Dallat’s poems, in Beautiful Lofty Things, spring from quotidian items and artefacts that...

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Gallery of Postcards and Maps: New and Selected Poems

- Susan Rich

The new and selected poems of Gallery of Postcards and Maps introduce themselves with a warmth that deepens into wisdom. Susan Rich finds music in everything inside and outside her windows: Leonora Carrington, Vegetari...

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Radium Dream

- Sheila Black

In poems that beautify and destroy, Black’s eighth book Radium Dream offers clear-eyed and equally complex conversations about the disabled body, family, violence, and the climate crisis. If, as Czeslaw Milosz writes, ...

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Crows in Eden

- Todd Hearon

“Todd Hearon’s Crows in Eden is an unflinching look at America’s long history of white terrorism and racial expulsion, told by one who knows southern white culture from the inside.  Whether he is uncovering the bu...

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