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Afternoon Drinking in The Jolly Butchers

- Rachel Coventry

Afternoon Drinking in The Jolly Butchers is the debut collection from Galway-based poet Rachel Coventry. Beginning in East London, the collection makes its way back to Ireland and also moves from troubled youth to adulth...

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- Maurice Harmon

At 90 years old, Maurice Harmon is making poems out of memory and out of the experience of growing old, recognising what is lost and the little that is gained. In this collection 
he gives us the present moment, then offers three, pas...

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- Mark Granier

"What I like about Mark Granier's work is his sense of the edgy play in words themselves, together with his straightforward command of narrative happenings. In their lightness of lyric touch, these poems introduce a speaking imagi...

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All I Can Recall

- Paul Genega

All I Can Recall is Paul Genega’s fifth full-length collection of poetry and his third with Salmon. The poems here attempt to piece together the seminal, sometimes traumatic, events which forge identity and inform our ...

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All Seats Fifty Cents

- Stephen Roger Powers

All Seats Fifty Cents is a tribute to nostalgia that projects reverence for Universal Monsters, Battlestar Galactica, The Incredible Hulk, The Golden Girls, Pee-wee Herman, and, of course, Dolly Parton. In work t...

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Allow The Stars To Catch Me When I Rise

- Adam Hughes

Allow the Stars to Catch Me When I Rise, the third collection of poetry from Adam Hughes, takes the reader on a mystical journey; a pilgrimage. Found in these pages is life in all of its variety and seduction. Thi...

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Along the Flaggy Shore: Poems from West Clare

- Carlos Reyes

“In his new book, Along the Flaggy Shore, Carlos Reyes meditates on the presence of the past and the passing of the present in poems which roam the west of Ireland in a kind of modern-day bardic circuit. Every poem is ...

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Along The Liffey: Poems and Short Stories

- Sheila O'Hagan

Sheila O'Hagan began writing in 1984 while studying at Birkbeck College, London University. In 1988 she won the Goldsmith Award for Poetry, and in 1990 returned to her native Dublin. In 1991 she won the Patrick Kavanagh A...

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