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Thanks For Nothing, Hippies by Sarah Clancy

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The Night After the Assassination

Clancy, Sarah

in memory of Julio Fernando Cardona murdered August 7th 2011 Mexico

And I would swallow condoms full
of this star sky and smuggle them home for you
If youíd only tell me where you live now 
and if they burst in my intestines
youíll never know
I swallowed stars for you,
that I diced the moon with razors
on the mirror of the sea and sniffed it
past watering eyes to the back caverns of my skull
just to show it to you
on the day of the dead.  
The moon can hang there while 
I bribe the customs guard
Iíll brave the border
with these decorations from a humid night
and the heat I hid in undergarments
and stowed between bare feet and shoes
in the first place theyíll think to look
I did it because I want it to be found.
On the day of the dead Iíll confess
I looted them
the sky the sea the stars the moon the heat the sweat
I stayed a watch for them
I stayed a watch for you
but I donít know where any of you have gone.

Copyright © Sarah Clancy 2012

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