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Virtual Tides by Paul Casey

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Virtual Companion

Casey, Paul

this android I married
this heart that is not a phone
this answer-any-question-in-the-world 

unquestioning, backup brain
ever-ready scrabble companion
sci-fi fantasy come true
and namer of stars

youíre a legless, personal typist in longhand
media mogul
radio, mp3 player, home theatre
bank teller and one-stop shop

instant news
weather vane
compass rose
master-slave umbrella for cyber rain

pocket pc 
instant handicam 
voice-to-text poet pad
and digital grave

you morph to a mirror in a click
Some backgammon with that coffee love?
oh torch of blackest night
oh map-master, global positioning amigo

precision time machine
trusty teleporter 
dearest, life remote-control
take me now

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