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Beyond the Sea by Anne Fitzgerald

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Storm Over Manhattan

Fitzgerald, Anne

Couples are making for St. Mark's for cover, 
as you cover me with your Donegal tweed
jacket, passed down from your second cousin 
once removed, who was removed to Great Ormond
Street after Omagh. Omaha Nebraska you said 
worth a trip once we'd find a way to come 
through this dalliance of ours. Lightning strikes 
the Empire State. Afterwards, hard rain speaks 
volumes to empty streets in a language as fluid 
as embraces throwing caution to the wind.
A force ten blows our hull and mast relationship 
beyond Liberty. We will sail to the mouth 
of the Bosphorus, where Judas trees bloom pink 
over Istanbul in pursuit of Constantinople.  

Copyright © Anne Fitzgerald 2012

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