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Butterflies of a Bad Summer

- Karl Parkinson

Karl Parkinson’s poems tease music from the rhythms of everyday life, and sing, like Whitman, the song of self. But in Butterflies of a Bad Summer, self admits a multitude: we orbit the supernovas of doomed artists like Corso, Selby Jnr., Bukowski, and Arenas, and sample with them the exquisi...

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Celebrating Rita Ann Higgins' 60th Birthday - Signed, Limited Edition Print

- Rita Ann Higgins

This limited edition print - there are only 60 and each is signed by Rita Ann Higgins - was produced by Salmon Poetry to mark Rita Ann's sixtieth birthday on 26th May, 2015. It features the poem “Men With Tired Hair” which was first published in Rita...

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Dancing on Top of a Broomstick

- Thomas Lyden

“These are the poems of a lover, and a liver. They rock with a Dylanesque profusion of images, and at their finest are reminiscent of the delicate, surreal poems of Lorca. With their weapons and witches they reach for the stars.  Tom Lyden was a troubado...

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- Ivy Page

Ivy Page’s second collection  of poetry breathes, expands, and leaves ripples in its wake as it pulls the reader through the elements that bring about change. Each of the elements are present, but in a way that embraces the possibility of moving forward, of rebirth and  redefining s...

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Even The Daybreak - 35 Years of Salmon Poetry

- Lendennie, Jessie, editor

“Like the sea-run Steelhead salmon that thrashes upstream to its spawning ground, then instead of dying, returns to th...

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Evidence of Freewheeling

- Trevor Conway

Trevor Conway’s debut poetry collection weaves startling imagery while exploring the creative impulse. With a blend of rhyme and free verse, human nature is analysed, satirised and sometimes glorified. Evidence of Freewheeling embraces key elements of m...

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Falling in love with broken things

- Alvy Carragher

Falling in love with broken things can be described as a coming-of-age narrative or Bildungsroman. Alive with crisp images, the poems range from childhood memories of freedom and enchantment to the uncertainties of adolescence and young adulthood. Unfli...

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Fish On A Bicycle: New & Selected Poems

- Jean O'Brien

Jean O’Brien’s New & Selected is a revisiting of her four collections starting with The Shadow Keeper in 1997 and moving up to the present day. Her new poems mark a ma...

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