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Asbestos Brocade

- A.E. Stringer

Asbestos Brocade furthers this poet’s fascination with nature and the elements: how human action has frayed our bond with the world.  Countering that grave loss are the forces of wonder to be found in art and song, in family, in empathy, in mortali...

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What the Dust Doesn't Know

- Richard Schiffman

Richard Schiffman’s first full length collection of poetry, What the Dust Doesn’t Know, examines our human place in a natural world, which is at once earthil...

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Planet of the Best Love Songs

- Ron Houchin

In addition to our singing of the obvious loves of life and each other, there are songs and poems that mark us as particular beings of this planet; beings whose borders and limits are unknown even to ourselves.  We sing of the past, the mountains, the rivers, outer space; many features of our o...

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- Jo Pitkin

How do we reconcile the uneasy yet inherent tension between our private and our public selves? How does the artist live authentically in a smoke-and-mirrors world rife with spin and branding? Rendering explores what is real and true both in art and in relationships. This new collection of poe...

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The Time of Hunger | O Tempo de Chuva

- Alice Pettway

The Time of Hunger | O Tempo de Chuva explores the emotional droughts and harvests that punctuate daily life. From a market in Mozambique to the cracked clay of Texas, these poems follow the human threads that cross continents and tie cultures together....

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Allow The Stars To Catch Me When I Rise

- Adam Hughes

Allow the Stars to Catch Me When I Rise, the third collection of poetry from Adam Hughes, takes the reader on a mystical journey; a pilgrimage. Found in these pages is life in all of its variety and seduction. Thi...

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Squaring the Circle

- Philip Fried

Philip Fried's Squaring the Circle is humorous and yet also mysterious in its evocation of esoteric physics and theology.  The title poem presents a mystic/scientific quest for an impossible geometry as both...

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Our Sudden Museum

- Robert Fanning

With elegies to a brother, sister and father at the core, Robert Fanning’s third collection examines what sustains in us in spite of loss. In richly sonic and poignant lyrics, we witness the wilder forces beyond o...

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