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Bad News, Good News, Bad News

- Edward O'Dwyer

These vigorous poems tackle the world head-on, questioning our perception of what is real and what is mere fabrication. In scenes snatched from personal relationships, from popular culture, the internet and religion, O'Dwyer displays a timeless creative sensi...

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gotta get a message to you

- Frank Golden

The visual arts have long been used by Frank Golden as co-ordinates for the generation of poetic narratives and sequences. gotta get a message to you continues this preoccupation with narrative, in this instance looking at characters at moments of crisi...

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Salt Moons: Poems 1981-2016

- Lex Runciman

“The buzzing confusion of everyday life can distract and dispirit.  In such a provisional situation, what is the human prospect?  What is the truth about us?  Or the beauty to be experienced here?  A...

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I Offer This Container: New & Selected Poems

- Jeffrey Skinner

I Offer This Container: New & Selected Poems s a distillation of the forty plus years Jeffrey Skinner has dedicated to writing poems that have been delighting and provoking readers in the U.S. and around the...

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The Belfast Notebooks

- Jeffrey Thomson

The Belfast Notebooks traces a poet’s journey deep into a country where “the wine tastes of jasmine and history” as it evokes layers of violence, memory, and community.  Ranging across Northern Ireland through Italy, Spain, Morocco, and back home to Main...

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And There Is Many A Good Thing

- Jon Tribble

And There Is Many a Good Thing explores that idea in its title by opening the reader to a world as varied as the talents of Monty Python and Sarah Vaughan, Peter Gabriel and St. John of the Cross, and Hans Christian Anderson...

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The Green House

- Joyce Sutphen

In The Green House, we find clouds, a variety of birds (each a messenger from some other world), and the inspiring landscape, skyscape, seascape, creaturescape of Ireland, where poe...

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Ordinary Gods: Truths, Lies, & Exaggerations Built South of the Border

- Christopher Locke

Christopher Locke gives us his hopes, his fears, and most importantly, what he loves. Ordinary Gods is a collection of poems and stories that take us down Locke’s own heroic path toward feeling it all—and because he’s ...

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