Audio and Video

Click on the links below to play a selection of MP3 audio and video files of Salmon poets reading their work.  Please note that audio files will begin to play automatically when you click on each link.  You can also download the audio MP3s.


Corless, John
Howard, Ben
O Mahony, Nessa
Cavanagh, David
Cohen, Andrea
Fried, Philip
O'Brien, Jean
Dancing Bear, J.P.
Farrell, Tyler
Hicks, Patrick
Cashman, Seamus
Granier, Mark
Lordan, Dave
Skinner, Knute
Wall, Emily
McBreen, Joan
Monaghan, Patricia
Lendennie, Jessie
Chapman, Patrick
Hildebidle, John
Houchin, Ron
Kavanagh, John
McKenzie, Stephanie
Buntin, Simmons B.
Stringer, A.E.
Powers, Stephen Roger
Monahan, Noel
Byron, Catherine
Sage, C.J.
King, Noel
Halperin, Richard W.
Feeney, Elaine
Simmonds, Kevin
Mok, Judith
Siegel, Scot
Frank, Rebecca Morgan
Clancy, Sarah
Keegan, Colm
O'Donoghue, Peadar
McGlinchey, Afric
Casey, Paul
Murphy, John
Fitzgerald, Anne
Cardona, Hélène
Winch, Terence
Griffin, Nicki
León, Raina J.
Moran, Daniel Thomas
Pitkin, Jo
Brodsky, Lisa Marie
Winters, Sandra Ann
Bett, Stephen
conway, trevor
Accardi, Millicent Borges
Cadden, Marie
Lynch, Phil
Tribble, Jon
Fanning, Robert

Tannam, Anne


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